Kristian Lum is the Lead Statistician at HRDAG.  Kristian’s research focus has been on furthering the statistical methodology most commonly used by HRDAG—population estimation or multiple systems estimation—with a particular emphasis on Bayesian methods and model averaging. She is the primary author of the dga package, open source software for population estimation for the R computing environment.  More recently, her research has expanded to include agent-based modeling and simulation-based analysis, through which has made contributions to understanding incarceration in the United States as a contagion. She is currently leading the HRDAG project on policing in the United States and has contributed to HRDAG projects in Colombia, Guatemala, and Kosovo.

Kristian received an MS and a PhD from the Department of Statistical Science at Duke University and a BA in Mathematics and Statistics from Rice University.

You can find Kristian on Twitter @KLdivergence.

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